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"If I was your hero, I'd know how to dance"

'...anonymity in the world of men
is better than fame in heaven...'
-Jack Kerouac

One day a three-legged bulldog came down our street
And aimed his teeth at my neighbor's daughter
I heard 4-foot tall Becky crying and came outside
Chased the bulldog away, took Becky home, sat her down
On my mother's yellow couch and fed her cold Pop Tarts
Till her parents came,
thanking me

They were having a party that night,
and I was invited,
they played music and everyone smiled
I even bought a shiny yellow suit for the occasion
except I didn't come
I sat on my bed, eating unsalted crackers
and looked at the ceiling where a butterfly
spun around a lightbulb fluttering its wings


I can trust him
We see eye to eye
When I look away he does too

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