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"Confessions of an Entertainer"

One, two, three, one, two, three. Arms tiring.
Bleeding. Depressant
One. So predictable. Two. Land where you're
supposed to! Three. Fine, go
there, I'll be here with you.
One. Again we start. Two. There's no distortion.
Three. We are one.
One. Come out of the shell. Two. Come to me.
Three. Come to us.
One. Don't leave me. Two. You've changed. Three.
I can't be the same.
One. Go to here again. Two. Change in the same
One. Start again. Two. I know us better. Three. You
won't leave again.
Four. Will you?
One. Please don't. Two. I can't handle that. Three.
Don't fall away.
One. I'm bleeding again. Two. How could you go
away? Three. How could
you leave us?
One. I don't want you back. Two. You don't want
me back. Three. I don't
need you. Four. You're back.
One. Thank you. Two. I can do this. Three. My
mind is mine. Four. my
soul is ours. Five.
Time to start again.

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