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"Two Lungs"

Blue sky
no, no, no, not that blue,
just a little blue
And the wind is afraid
and the branches are still
but they breathe, I hear them
I see silence,
and far away, a star tells me a story:
There was a girl once,
right in the middle of the world
She had a woolen shawl
I don't remember its color.
She was standing still
just standing there barefoot,
Unable to fly
and the spirits wept for her,
for she was deaf to all music.
And someone came to her carrying a bag
And he stopped next to her, opened up
the bag
and took out life, and gave it to her
And she understood.
He lay there, and having completed his
mission he
could not go on.
She gave him a feeling
just one feeling, yes, like that one over
and he held it in his hand
and he drank it slowly
with his eyes half closed
And he saw music.
They stoof together, barefoot
they looked up and all moved away
they looked at each other, and all was
And they stand there, still
breathing life into the world.


Lust, lust for gum. Bleary day. The sun's not
smiling. Shiver passes from my left eye to my right
toe. Snowflakes are bumping into my cheeks like
little needles. The air is cold. I can only breathe half
way, and my nose is itching. The pinkies on both of
my hands are numb. The left one, though, is a little
number than the right one. This day and I are not
friends. We were in the morning, when I woke up
and felt a yellow ray of sunshine peaking through
the window and it was a fine day with soft snow
slowly making its way down and melting right
when it hit the ground, and all was right in my
world. I jumped on my bed a few times like I do
every morning, and put on a blue flannel shirt with
two buttons missing in the middle. I then opened
up an old wooden drawer filled with wrappers, and
looked for a piece of gum and -- I couldn't believe
my eyes even though they were telling me the
whole truth and nothing but the truth -- there was
no gum there.
Why me? I thought. I longed for gum. I
yearned for that square little stale piece with my
soul, it was the driving force in my existence, and I
had to have it. I walked up and down the street in
pure agony, and I really started to dislike this day.
From being my best friend in the morning, it
descended to performing the role of an
acquaintance, and not a close one either, but one of
those you don't know if you should smile when
you meet them on the street. And since you are
ambivalent in solving this dilemma, you give your
acquaintance a smirk, which could signify a muscle
spasm just as well as a smile.
So that's exactly what i did to greet this day,
and now I am on my way to the deli to buy gum.
It's just around the corner. I stand next to it for a
moment with my face pressed against the display
window, and my breathing creating a cloud on the
window. Oh, how I revel in the pleasure of
knowing that in another moment I will be chewing
that small pink piece of gum. I put my hand on the
cold doorknob (it feels uninviting). I gently pull in is locked. The image of this day I so craftily
and ambitiously formed in my head is shattered,
and the sharp broken fragments fall down
chaotically. I now know that the smile I so
generously offered to this day was not answered,
and I know that all ties between us are broken

If only I had one, just one piece of gum...

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