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Dear Giuliana,

I sure do remember the days when we had so much fun--the laughter, the joy. Oh, how I wish they could be my reality once again. But all has changed. Just as you've grown up, so have I--but into a tired dog. I can't keep up with all your energy and enthusiasm.

How much I miss your laughing as I chased the rats scurrying across the apartment floor; the fun we had hiding in boxes; and the long walks we took along the beach--but all that is in the past. WE can build new memories. Even from a cage I can be the little dog that you love and care for. I really hope that our friendship can keep growing forever and ever.

Love always,


Dear God,

My one and only wish is for you to end the pain I feel each day in my back. I want to have a straight spine--to end all the worries about keeping straight posture all the time, and doing exhausting exercises each and every day of my life. To this day, I can feel the tears that rolled down my face when I was diagnosed with this "disorder". No more tears, please. All I want is to feel comfortable and relaxed. To end the fear that I'll turn into some hunchback, and wither away in pain.




Roses slowly withering away,
Their fresh scent gone forever.
The colorful array of flowers
That seemed to bring a smile on the man's face
Were now a distant memory.

All he could see, all he could feel
Were dead twigs and petals
That were crushed instantly
By his touch.


She look up at the clock
tick tock tick tock
It was driving her crazy!
Where's Mom? When am I
Going to get out of this stinky apartment?

tick tock tick tock
and these hard, awful rugs!
Oh, how much they scratched!
She turned on the TV.
Cool! A Woody Woodpecker cartoon!
She loved those.

Oh no! Not the babysitter!
No more of her boring stories
and annoying questions.
How's school? Do you like your teachers?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
All she could do was look at the door.
Please, God! Please let it knock!

Do you want any cookies?
Wait--was that a knock?
--nope, just the babysitter with
her burned cookies.
She took some quickly, and munched
Away at them and turned her
Attention back to the cartoon.

She was all relaxed now,
The babysitter all out of sight.
Knock, knock
Oh no, it's here again.
Wait, no--
It was Mom.


I'm so relaxed. I just finished studying for all my tests, and I finally finished that lab report I've been putting off for so long. So I've decided to lie on the floor and look at my room. It is so cute with its pink walls and baby blue carpet. My weird sister has just hung twenty tiny stuffed animals around our bunk bed. Doesn't she realize that they irritate me? I've often wanted to rip off their heads, but I can't. They're the type that giggle and make funny noises when you squeeze them. But I don't want to murder her poor, innocent dolls, and besides, I have to admit they're kinda cute.

My little brother is jumping up and down endlessly. Minutes ago he fell off the top bunk and landed on his tush with a smile on his face. Even with his crooked and missing teeth I realize how much I love him.

Life would be pretty great if I could lie on my floor all day looking at my room, but it would get kinda boring. I mean, why does everything have to be so adorable? Why can't something be ugly and appreciated at the same time?

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