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Impossible Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

I'm living in a dream world. I go through the day wishing I was somewhere else. Let me explain myself more clearly. I want things to be just like they were before. No, that's still not clear enough. I'll have to start back at the beginning.

Last year was the best year of my life. It was the year I had everything I've ever wanted. I was in a good school with the best friends one could ever hope for. I was accepted for who I was, so I didn't have to pretend I was something I wasn't. Now, it was true that in entering eighth grade we all knew each other, but somehow the atmosphere was different than it was in the years past. Maybe it was the fact that we were finally seniors, but whatever it was, it brought us together as a group--instead of in cliques--it made us a family.

The teachers were also great. They didn't just teach and go away, they were our friends. Even though all the teachers contributed to the experience, there was one teacher to whom I give the most credit. He was our history teacher, and my homeroom teacher. He found a way to make the class fun. I don't know what it was, but everyone felt an obligation to work hard in his class. As a homeroom teacher, I'm sure he was the main factor that brought our team together as a group that accepted the individual. He listened to us as a friend, not as a condescending adult as the other teachers did. We respected him for it. He encouraged us in whatever goals we had. He once said at the end of homeroom, "We're a family! 8-218 is a family!" We all laughed at the time, and shook our heads, but now I can see that he was right.

Which leads me to ask this favor of you. I want my family back. I want to go to High School with these same people, teachers included. I want the same closeness that I felt in Junior High with me now. You're probably already forming your response to this letter, and it probably involves the phrases "cherish those memories," and "High School is a completely different and new environment". Well you see, that's just the point. I know High School's different, that's why I want to make it the same. You might say I don't adjust well to change. Well, it's true. I don't. But this is a change I don't want to adjust to yet. Last year went by too quickly and so to have to give it up so soon is torture.

Eventually, I know I'll adjust to this new school and the new routine. But I don't want to adjust yet. And taht is why I need your help. I want to prolong that year for as long as possible. To me, this letter is of incredible importance. I hope you will consider it the same.

Yours Truly,

Whitney Kaufman

If this is impossible, then college would be a nice reunion for all of us. Just make sure nobody has changed too much. Thanx.


Top of a mountain
Green cloth triangle around
Logs in a circle surrounding the light.
Sitting alone.
Will not, cannot move from the light.
Voices in the distance.
Two voices nearby.
The light is warm, melting the ice.
Figures in the twilight.
Something silver between them.
The smell is familiar.
Try to move towards it.
Don't, can't move.
The silver comes to you.
Hands become warm,
Hands to mouth, warmth is shared.
Smell is inside, moving through
Warmth trickles down throat.
The light seems warmer.

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