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Fill out the form below with the answers to these questions:
1. What political party do you affiliate yourself with (if none, write NONE)?
2. On a scale of one to ten, with one being the far left (radically liberal, communist, etc.) and ten being the far right (reactionary, extremely conservative), where do you rank yourself?
How do you stand on the key issues of today? For each answer, write "Strongly Favor", "Somewhat Favor", "No Opinion", "Somewhat Oppose", or "Strongly Oppose".
3. Abortion
4. Parental notification for minors
5. Late-term abortions
6. Abortion for only rape/incest victims
7. Affirmative Action
8. Death Penalty
9. Increasing prison terms for some felonies
10. More spending for defense
11. The involvement of religious groups and charities in helping the underprivileged
12. Isolationism (non-involvement in foreign affairs and trade)
13. Trigger locks on guns
14. Longer waiting period to buy guns
15. More rigorous licensing procedures for potential gun owners (requiring safety course and photo license, etc)
16. Homosexual couples being granted the same rights (with regard to marriage, taxes, etc.) as heterosexual couples
17. More rights for gays and lesbians (in general)
18. Immigration quotas
19. Screening of immigrants
20. School vouchers
21. School prayer
22. School choice remanded to local control
23. Constitutional amendment outlawing flag burning
24. U.S. getting involved in countries with widespread persecution of an ethnic group
25. U.S. providing economic assistance to foreign nations
26. Free trade
27. Strong involvement with the UN
28. Medicare coverage of prescription drugs
29. Requiring HMOs to treat patients covered by Medicare
30. Giving tax breaks for hiring welfare workers
31. Welfare for legal immigrants
32. Federally funded child care for mothers on welfare
33. Flat tax
34. Cut in the capital gains tax
35. Tax credits for stay-at-home parents
36. Public financing of political campaigns
37. Outlawing soft money contributions
38. Contribution limits for individuals
39. Promoting stronger familial bonds in all types of families
40. Sex education in schools
41. Putting the budget surplus into social security
42. More police control nationally
43. Increasing minimum wage
44. More rights (and protection of those rights) for children
45. Adoption procedure reform
46. Congressional reform
47. Raising teacher salaries to lure better teachers to public schools
48. Elimination of the Board of Education
49. Year-long schooling
50. Farm policy reform (promoting income and opportunities)
51. Passing of the Patients' Bill of Rights
52. Promoting democracy worldwide
53. Reducing nuclear arsenals
54. Further laws to protect the environment and public health conditions related to it
55. Funds given to help war veterans
56. Lobbying reform
57. Helping senior citizens get cheaper medication
58. Improvements in senior citizen homes
59. Government regulation of the economy
Give a short explanation of your opinion regarding:
60. What should be done with the budget surplus?
61. How should civil rights be protected/increased?
62. How do you feel the economy is doing? How would you like to see it improved?

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